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The official website of the New York Renegades

About Us

Our History

The New York Renegades began in 1987 as a break-away group in New York City, dedicating themselves solely to "play without politics".
For the next 6 years, the original 5 members concentrated on hosting dungeon parties in Manhattan and "Reality Weekends" in New Jersey
where Masters & slaves could live their roles non-stop for an entire weekend. In 1993, the Renegades initiated slave training
workshops and served as co-hosts of "Outbound 93", a leather/rubber/BDSM action weekend at Valinor Farms, PA. In 1994,
the Renegades began hosting their own "Renegade Run" in July, expanded their core membership to 13 Brothers, and reorganized
under the name "The New York Renegades", a brotherhood of men dedicated to having fun. Since then, the New York Renegades
became famous for their "Dungeon Bar Nights" at the LURE, the Annual "Rites Of Spring" out in PA from 2001 to 2004,
and the rubber contest every October, with one of the largest prize-packages in the kink world.

Our Future

In short, we don't know. We as an organization and association in the City of New York and State of New York still exist,
and we retain copyright, trade mark, or service mark on all our photos, logos, and graphics. However, the devastation to
the bdsm/kink community caused by 9-11, loss of play spaces, loss of the LURE bar and Valinor Farms, and the rise of the
internet and social networking has seemingly rendered the whole concept and need for the "club model" as moot and past
its time. The greater NYC area once boasted over a dozen gay male clubs, and now a mere handful are left, and they, like
us have suffered from attrition of membership with extremely few "newbies" interested in joining and perpetuating these
once great organizations. Even the once mighty GMSMA is gone, something that was inconceivable a mere 10 years ago.
The NY Renegades marked its 25th Anniversary in July, 2012, and that's quite a milestone.
What will the future bring? That remains to be seen.

The Organization

February, 2013 - RIP, club brother and friend, Galjohn. You are missed greatly.

Office-Holders for 2016

President and Events Manager: phelion
Secretary: chipmunk
Treasurer: NYMaster
Membership: phelion
Photographer/Historian: chipmunk and anuar
Webmaster/Network Admin: NYMaster
At Large: Master Tip and Sir Rick
Honorary: Victor S, Jerry M, Don L

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